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TAUKO Magazine
Tauko Magazine NR. 10

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Lancering 25 januari 2024

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Tauko Magazine NR. 10

TAUKO Magazine No. 10 invites you to dive into the enchanting world of 'Ballroom Dreams'. This issue features nine dazzling designs inspired by the theme 'party'. From ethereal tulle gowns to shimmering glittering vests, the collection, created by international designers, captures the essence of festive elegance. The articles and essays embark on a journey through the vibrant history of balls, tracing the vibrant tapestry of New York's ball scene to the opulent ballrooms of interwar Berlin. Experience the transformative power of acceptance, the joyful celebration of diversity and the profound sense of belonging that Ballroom Dreams offers.

The issue includes paper patterns and step-by-step instructions for all designs, which are available in 9 sizes ranging from a 31"/78cm bust to a 57.5"/146cm bust.

TAUKO Magazine is an award winning independent print publication for home sewists around the world. The vast horizon of crafts, culture and climate is featured in sewing patterns, interviews, columns, articles, tips and recommendations by international contributors.

FORMAT TAUKO is a 128-page collectable that measures in at 275mm high x 215mm wide. There are four folded paper pattern sheets included with the magazine. It is printed in Estonia with a glue and stitch binding to secure durability and easy reading.

DESIGNERS Francesca Barbato, Violette Tannenbaum, Kossoma Kernem, AmeĢlie Grenon, Josefine HulteĢn, Bren Larsen, Nicole GoĢˆttler
Articles, essays and columns:
Ballroom and Fashion: From Harlem to Down Under
Words by Timo Rissanen
Photography by Byron Spencer & Courtesy of House of Silky

Fitted for the Fete:
Frocktails and my Sewing Tall Journey
Words and photography by Robyn Burgess

Legacy of Elegance: Berlin’s Enchanting Ballrooms
Words by Mila Moisio Photography by Marei Wenzel

Unlocking the Art of the oblique cut
Words and photography by Maryna Kisil

Dancing in Stitches:
Sue Young in conversation with Theresa Hewlett, Senior Pattern cutter at DSI london
Photography by Cai Griffin, Vicki Gill, and Theresa Hewlett

Craft letters: From Oslo with love
Words and photography by Emanuel Waal

Book Reviews Words by Mila Moisio Photography by Laura Oja

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